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"2E" stands for "Simple Parenting“ ("Einfach Eltern" in German)

It also stands for the consistent focus on high-quality, innovative baby and children’s products, which are designed to make the lives of parents easier or “simpler”.

2E’s headquarters and customer service team are located in Cologne – geographically in the middle of Germany and thus ideally located as the hub of our distribution markets.

In mid-2013, the 2E Vertriebs-GmbH was founded by five serial entrepreneurs – amongst them they share many years of sales experience from working for and with several successful companies.

At the end of 2013, while talking with a group of entrepreneurs, we realized that there are a lot of incredibly great and innovative products for sale in Europe and abroad that were simply not available on the German market. That’s how the idea of starting a company like 2E was born. As a modern distributor for the German market, we sell products that make parents’ lives easier every day.

– Michael Steinbach, CEO of 2E


The 2E Vertriebs-GmbH was founded in mid-2013 by five serial entrepreneurs with many years of sales experience from various successful companies.

We are an entrepreneurial distribution company with a strong focus on sales, market-specific marketing & PR for the distribution brands exclusively represented by us in our markets.

2E’s headquarters and the customer service team are located in Cologne – geographically in the middle of Germany and thus ideally located as the hub of our distribution markets.

Due to the ownership structure, we can make use of the resources of other well-established children’s businesses right at our headquarters (e.g., marketing, accounting, and IT).

We focus exclusively on the markets that we have detailed knowledge of and experience in: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg.

We focus on selective B2B sales and sell exclusively to retailers.

Our emphasis is on proficient retailers and specialized partners, not on the mass market. A retailer-friendly distribution system is important to us and one of the foundations of our sales strategy.

We see ourselves as the link between our manufacturers and their target markets, in which we identify the suitable customers. By engaging in market-specific marketing, we facilitate long-term brand-building on behalf of our manufacturers – if needed, in multiple languages.


Product portfolio

Products with additional value

Our portfolio consists of products which meet the following criteria:

Market potential

Products that have great potential to change the market and gain significant market share in the mid-term.


Innovative product solutions with truly unique selling points – not copycat products.


Products by manufacturers who have an interest in long-term brand building and partnership engagement.


Between our brands, synergies develop. The greatest possible intersection of the target groups is important to us.


As a group, our whole team decides on taking on a specific product and thus identifies 100% with the product portfolio.


Integrated product distribution


More than 600 selected, specialized retailers in six countries

Our customers include more than 600 selected, specialized retailers in six countries. Amongst these - as key accounts – are the most successful chain stores in our markets. The specialized, stationary retailers are complemented by 15 selected and specialized web shops and some of the highest-quality catalog mail order companies.


Close, individualized support

We are close to the customer and attend to all of our retailers on a very individual level: At least every six weeks each dealer is visited by a personal advisor in order to ensure regular training, point of sale adjustments, and an open exchange of information.


Warehouse and professional logistics partner in Cologne

Our warehouse is operated by a professional logistics partner close to Cologne. Our highly efficient processes allow us to guarantee shipping within a maximum of 24 hours after receipt of an order. We provide Europe-wide free deliveries at low minimum order values.


Multi-lingual brand development with high social media competence

We are proficient in multi-lingual brand development and are well-versed in social media and social advertising. We make use of Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest and produce the required content ourselves. Together with our retailers, we regularly develop innovative concepts to link the online and offline worlds.


Brand-building and sales-enhancing presentation at POS

Considering the dealer’s retail space and the manufacturer’s philosophy, we place great importance on presenting our product in a way that helps with brand-building and promotes sales at POS at the same time. We create marketing and training documents in consultation with the manufacturer.


Active network of 350+ influencers & continuous contact with editorial offices

Together with specialized partners, we are responsible for multilingual PR activities and are in regular contact with a qualified press distributor for baby and children's products. In addition, we have built an active network of 350+ influencers. These influencers not only test our products, but act as brand ambassadors and produce individual content.


2E Vertriebs-GmbH
Christophstraße 19
50670 Köln

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